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Hi there! I’m Om.

I’m a strategic business leader with 15 years of rich experience in 360-degree marketing, entailing marketing strategy, market research, marcom, marketing technology, digital media strategy, and sales support.

Call me marketing sherpa, who is ready to help clients in moving marketing mountains. I am known for serving as a reliable tour guide for sales & marketing destinations, guiding through rough terrain, tough climbs, and obstacles. In order to ensure that my tour is engaging and meaningful, I always map out the desired destinations, possible challenges, and pit stops.

With the convergence of mobile, social, and video, appropriately going digital, the emergence of transmedia storytelling is fully embracing the opportunity to engage people not just on different digital platforms, but across them. I too create stories using transmedia storytelling and help businesses to implement digital strategies and engage online audience. I’ve multitude of experience in handling marketing feats for global brands like Deloitte and CSC as well as promising start-up firms. Ever since 2001, I have worked in online, digital and traditional marketing roles, both client and agency side. With 15+ years of rich involvement across strategic marketing, marcom, digital marketing, content marketing, industry research, and sales-support, I strive not to be a success but rather to be of value. My mantra is to Think Big, Start Small, and Go Fast.

Outside of work, I have keen interest in point and shoot photography. I enjoy good food also love to cook for my friends and family.

I believe that open communication crucial for a great relationship–whether it’s electronically or in person. Connect with me on social media to stay updated on what’s happening with marketing in the digital world.


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